Isis:: Burn Baby...Burn

I stared at him for quite a while; I wanted him back for so long I had never thought about what I would do when he returned. I think, honestly, I had lost all hope of his return; I had begun to destroy myself, convincing myself that I was not worth his return that he would never return to me because I was too broken, strange and un-wolf. After awhile laughter began to bubble behind his lips and I furrowed my brow.

“You’re over-thinking this, Isabella,” he laughed, taking the seat beside me. “I could feel you, this whole time. I knew you were hurting and it was so devastatingly painful for me too, but never have you been in danger. If you know us that well, you should’ve known not to pick a fight with us.” I shook my head, but though I willed to protest I couldn’t, the words couldn’t quite reach my lips, they just got stuck in my throat.  

He smiled again, that sly smile that no one could ever figure out; in fact even for me it was hard to find out what thinking lay behind that smile. But all in an instant his lips collided with mine as if in an attempt to coax the words out. No, it felt more than that, it felt like we were about to create a new universe, that the big bang was about to happen again just now – we were that volatile. It was so sweet: his hand ran through my hair, holding me close and locking his lips tighter around mine. I closed my eyes and breathed him in.

His scent was strong and dominant yet so alluring and seductive; he is everything anyone would ever need and as I sat there, his body slightly pressing against mine, I wondered if this was even real. If this was just my mind finally letting go of the torture I had suffered in his absence. But as his tongue played with mine I knew it wasn’t, no matter how good my imagination was it could not conjure the heat rushing through my body.

He let me go, moving away slowly to reassure me that he wasn’t going to leave like the last kiss I had suffered through. “I love you,” he muttered and I pushed a finger to his lips.

“You haven’t said that in the whole time I’ve known you.”

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

“You mean without me, you’ve gotten weak,” I teased, pulling a growl from his throat. His arms fiercely encircled my waist and he pulled me straight again, his eyes piercing mine, his breath running over my cheeks, and I took it in. Had I been a wolf, or a human unaware of his behaviour I would’ve been terrified, those lips pulled back bearing his teeth, a low snarl emanating from his throat. But no, no he wasn’t threatening me, not me. He was trying to impress me with his power.

I smirked, pulling away from him and thrashing in his arms: “Oh no, big bad wolf, don’t hurt me.”

His arms tightened and he leant me back, my head resting on the window as he laid over me, making me aware of every single muscle in his body pulsing next to my own. I almost couldn’t take it, I knew his power. As soon as he entered a room it swept over all the women in there, but it was that moment when he walked over to me he took me in his arms and all the other women shot daggers at my back as he kissed me. He was my trophy, my guardian, my lover and indeed, my best friend.

My eyes glimmered in his and small tears rolled over my cheek as I pulled another delightful kiss from his lips, “I love you too,” I smiled, silencing any ensuing thought by drawing out the kiss into a long, playful session of heat. Damn, I hoped everyone was watching. At this moment, I hoped everyone was jealous.

The End

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