Isis:: The Knight in Shimmering Emerald

Another woman got on with her boyfriend, but I wasn’t bothered, I had a beautiful creature before me whose heart was breaking. I raised my head and took his in my hands, caressing his fur, "Do you believe that wolves mate for life?" He nodded and I smiled slightly, I was so glad. It gave me the slightest hope that Bantam would return to me. "So... what do you see in those two?" It was light banter, I realised what time it was becoming so I wanted to lighten the tension before it bore down on us like a... excuse this... ‘ton of bricks.’

 "I see nothing; it's Lazarus who sees something." He barked and I nodded, of course, the wolf and the human are not complete minds. In this case I would imagine that Bane would be the more serious and harder to gain the trust of. However, I am unsure as to why he felt I was so trustworthy, how he talks to me and lets me touch him. I so wish he didn’t.

"Oh, you speak," I laughed to myself. " don't always see eye to eye?" He shook his head, "Melissa?" He looked away, "did you?" He nodded and I looked away, "I feel sick," I murmured. With Lazarus, it was easy to suppress everything I felt, but I could see this wolf’s emotions, he wasn’t hiding his heart. It made me feel so sick that I had done something like that, that I had used my powers for such evil and upset.

He looked concerned, but I moved his muzzle away, “Don’t... don’t look at me like that,” I can’t accept that you actually care how I feel. No, not you. “Look, Melissa, she did love you. She never wanted kids.” He nodded and I sighed. “None of it was her fault.” This is it. The day he finds out... I just hope it helps him to come to terms and blame me instead of Melissa or himself.

He let out a small sigh, but it looked more like a short pant. "I know. Lazarus still can't accept it all though. You've watched him; you know how badly he deals with things." Oh, I know, but I’m counting on your... wait...

"You... wait what?"


"You... I-" I stopped, was it really right to tell them? Wouldn't the secret be better kept? No. No, the truth. "Can Lazarus hear this?" He nodded, right, just start somewhere...plausible. "I can cast magic..." He tilted his head, "And spells..."

"Where are you going with this?" I know, just, bear with me...

"Melissa..." Oh I can't, but my mouth kept talking, I couldn’t stop now. "I made her human.”

He raised his hackles, "Why?"

I wanted to stop and answer that, but I couldn’t, the truth kept rolling off of my tongue. "And I planted all those thoughts in her head so you'd think she'd die if you didn't turn her."

"What possessed you to do that?" He growled.

"And... I," I closed my eyes and willed myself to stop. "I made her pregnant? With a spell... 'cause I knew she'd buckle under the pressure...I didn't like you... you... having what I didn't. She was a vampire, you were a werewolf, it wasn't meant to be! It went against both your species!" He pounced on me, his claws and teeth snapping and moving wildly. Oh no, no, no... not this... I placed my hands up and created a bubble around myself, pulling my knees up to my chest, "I'm sorry!" He bit at my shield and I was forced to make another one, each time he destroyed them I just kept making them bigger and stronger.

"No, don't make me hurt you." I kept creating shields each time he burst through them

He began to mourn again and I felt Anubis trying to push through and make me cold again, to protect me. His voice was becoming like a shouting in my head, pelting me over and over again with waves of heat.

"But it wasn't her! I'm sure now Lazarus might... forgive her?" Please, please help Lazarus. I don’t have time to help anymore... though, I’m sure he would argue that in fact I wasn’t helping at all. That I had just made everything worse.

"It was himself he was blaming,” he snarled. I had feared as much, I feared that but now, he can blame me and everything will be okay. "He's still hurting. You've no idea what it's like living inside his mind," no, I don’t, and you don’t have any idea of the creature living in mine. Fine, I give up fighting, Anubis, I’ll listen to you, please, stop.

The heat subsided to comfortable warmth, and the noise became like a lover’s breath on your skin. "Now you know, get out of my face."

"Why? We've found the real cause now."

"Because, I don't want you with your dripping, slobbering muzzle, near me." He snapped at me again and I dropped my shield instantly, throwing him away from me. I would’ve done this originally if he wasn’t the same colour as Bantam, or, if he was in Lazarus form. His fury was so intense he never even noticed the bus had stopped. He just kept jumping at me, his teeth snapping at me and I howled as he caught my arm, drawing blood. I never even noticed who had gotten on, I only realised when he brought his leg up and kicked Bane away.

He stood about 6 foot tall, shocking blonde hair in soft spikes, emerald eyes glistening in the dimming sun that filtered through the window. He wore a tight white tee and baggy jeans, his muscles rippled beneath his clothes as he smiled at me: a sly and strong smile. “Keep down, mutt,” he snarled, his form towering over Bane. “I own this one.”

The End

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