Mog: The Unexpected (and Unwanted) New Passenger

I heard the doors of the bus open and someone walk on. I assumed they were sitting down near the front because no footsteps approached. After a few minutes I glanced up, vaguely curious about who had boarded, and almost jumped up from my seat to run off the bus. But by now it had started moving again and I knew that if I left the bus, he’d just follow me. Him. My recurring nightmare. Russell.

For a while he merely stood there in the aisle, holding one of the poles, watching me, an expression of pure and utter shock upon his face. For a minute I hoped he’d press the stop button on the pole and disembark at the next stop but then his face set in resolution and he walked towards me. To my dismay, he sat beside me. He seemed not to notice Isis or Lazarus, who appeared to be bickering.

“Hiya Morgan,” he said, almost sounding shy. His thick brown hair was slightly ruffled, the way he liked it. His eyes glinted with their usual energy.

“Hello Russell,” I said curtly, not hiding the coolness in my tone. I remembered his promise not to chase me down ever again and could only hope that he intended to keep to it.

“It’s been a while, old pal.”

“On the contrary, it’s not been long enough,” I returned, not even bothering to hide my annoyance at him calling me his ‘old pal’.

“Come now,” he said, sounding as if he thought he was being reasonable. “You’re not really unhappy to see me again, are you? You must have wondered a little whatever had happened to me.”

“I’d hoped it was something that would make you forget me completely,” I told him, shamelessly telling the truth.

Russell sighed heavily.

“No, I could never do that. Not even with what I said to you the last time we spoke.”

“Shame,” I told him.

Russell looked frustrated.

“You make me feel so horrible sometimes, Mog. You used to be so nice.”

“Ah, you should’ve preserved the memory of my mortal self and written a warm obituary then - instead of making me immortal.”

“It could’ve been you and me together throughout all of eternity,” Russell said, shaking his head at the loss of it.

I didn’t get to reply because at that moment there was a great commotion and Lazarus turned into a werewolf. Finally Russell seemed to notice that we weren’t alone on this dreadful bus ride and stared in amazement at the large, longhair wolf which was completely white with striking blue eyes.

“Is that a lycanthrope?!”

The End

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