Lazarus: You Are One.

Apparently I was sleepy. Because the next thing I knew, I was staring down the bus, one arm hanging over the edge of the seat, and a small puddle of drool around the side of my face. I wondered vaguely why everything was sideways for a second until I realised I’d curled up on the back seat.

Sitting up, I wiped away my own slime and looked around. Mog was staring out of the window looking like someone had just drowned his pet kitten, and Isis looked over at me.

"You want some coffee?" she offered. I’ve no idea where she was going to get a coffee from on a bus, but I had to ask anyway.

"Will it have alcohol in it?"


"Then what good will a coffee do me?" I snorted, looking through my bag for my bottle of vodka.

"To sober you up! Get you like you used to be with Melissa." I stopped dead, and so did she. I glared, watching as she turned to face the window.

"How do you know about Melissa?"

“I uhh... I guessed,” she murmured, curling up on her seat. She pushed herself into the corner, looking like she was trying to block me out somehow.

“Some guess,” I growled, “don’t you ever talk about her again.”

“I won’t, I’m so, so sorry.” Sorry? Like you somehow knowing about her and bringing all that crap back up was going to be fixed by you saying sorry. “I truly am, you know.” I glared at her, making her curl back up into a ball. I went back to rummaging through my bag, this time finding what I was looking for, grumbling to myself about how I’d had enough of women.

"And I've had enough of werewolves. The lot of you,” the girl said.

"Y'think I haven't?" I fired back irritably.

"Oh yeah? I don't believe you."

"What makes you say that?"

"You are one,” she pointed out. What difference does that make? I never wanted to be one, it’s just incredibly hard to get yourself killed sometimes. Believe me, I’ve tried.


Mog let out a chuckle, earning himself a glare from both me and the girl. He sighed and looked back out of his window. "D'you know what I'm sick of? Living." You and me both, Mog.

"That can be arranged,” the girl told him.

Just as she said that, the bus pulled up at a stop none of us had asked for. I looked up, wondering who was getting on. 

The End

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