Oh, Kitty Mine


"I need a shower." Esther's expression dropped to un-amusement.

She hadn't moved from her spot in front of Bishop's door, and was still waiting for his reply while the boy only shifted his suspicious gaze from her face to his hand on the doorknob.

"What? What kind of answer is that?" She said, her eyes narrowing and a frown returning to her face. Bishop, on the other hand, looked quite pleased with himself over wiping off the grin on the girl's face (although a person could only tell if they saw the small smirk on his face).

"It's not. It's an observation." Bishop turned the doorknob and stepped inside before Esther's foot stopped the door from closing. "Then what's your answer?" she asked, her patience once again nearing its end. The boy stared briefly at her before he said, "My answer is maybe. Now leave me be," and quickly shut the door, leaving Esther with a wounded pride as well as a bruised foot.

 She was practically fuming while she trotted back to her bedroom and quickly dropped Milo onto her bed. She caught sight of her reflection and gazed into the mirror, sneering at her poor appearance. A ragged shirt and hair that could never be tamed; maybe because of her inability to make herself presentable left Bishop to think she wasn't serious. No - Esther knew her offer was tempting, especially to someone like him. Well, someone she supposed him to be. Ambitious, relentless, and anti-social; she thought Bishop to be all of these things, but he only seemed to be a loner and not quite the conversationalist, and maybe a little egoistical but this was nothing Esther was unfamiliar with. If anything, she could relate.

What unnerved her was his stoic behavior. Esther was brash and blunt, and his emotionless and dry quips forced the two to clash almost instantly. And the fact that Bishop refused to answer her head on and simply ignored her just fueled Esther's distaste for him Yes, distaste. She didn't hate him, but she certainly didn't like him. Unknowingly, Bishop reminded her of a lot of things. Most of the time, it was just irritating school boys she once shared a shared with. None of them were actually cold as Bishop, she reminded herself, but they annoyed her the same way.

Quickly, she chased away images of her old classmates. They were part of her "past life", she told herself - nothing more than people with names that she had no intention of remembering.

Esther drifted into her bathroom and washed up before changing out of her slightly embarrassing PJ's and attempted to fix her nearly impossible bed head. As soon as she was done, and was wearing something more presentable, she noticed the way Milo was pawing at the covers.

"Poor Milo. You haven't eaten since yesterday, have you?" Esther said, acting a bit out of character to anyone watching.

The tabby meowed in response, and the girl had to hold back an "aww" at the sound. "Okay, Mi-Mi. Let's see if we can find anything for you to eat instead of field mice." She reached for the kitten and it casually drafted up into her arms with ease.

Having no idea where the kitchens were - Esther made a mental note to ask Ivory where they were and who made the mysterious meals for the past two days - she walked down stairs, stroking Milo. The cat was a surprising addition to her life, and even if the animal might not be around for any longer, it was nice to express affection for an animal rather than someone. For Esther, it was always easier to love something that was so much simpler than the usual pride-filled people she knew so well. Besides....Milo was a kitten. Kittens are adorable, therefore Milo was adorable. May it be naturally imbedded into her genetics for her to love anything cute and baby-like, or not, Esther was unquestionably in love with the tabby.

Carrying on, the blonde girl dropped the cat to her feet and wandered outside after catching sight of one of her fellow students. Rhiana, or Anna, as Bishop called her, was sitting down under her a tree, her back to the bark.

"Rhiana is that you?" the blonde girl called. The brunette pulled down the hood of her hoodie, and Esther couldn't help but notice that out of the two, the blonde girl looked less unsettled even though she was wearing only a plaid button-down shirt, jeans, and a misshaped hairstyle. 

"Morning," Rhiana managed to bite out with a smile.

Esther found the girl's pleasant behavior and small grins a little refreshing, to say the least. Smiles were usually misunderstood grimaces or smirks of satisfaction and mockery (the latter of which Esther was guilty of), but Rhiana was different. She was...sweet. And she certainly wasn't a morning person, either.

"Are you okay?" Esther asks, not thinking before she spoke. She couldn't help, but be a little bit worried, and worry was not something a girl like her was familiar with.

"I'm fine." The brunette attempted to assure with the smile still on her face, but it was washed away with surprise and a jump when she saw the cat. "...What?"

"Milo," Esther tried to explain, "He found me yesterday or I found him, well, which ever way you look at it." She scoped down for the feline while it only meowed, staring at Rihana.

From where she was standing, she couldn't tell whether Rihana was amused or unsure. "Milo? And how are you going to explain that one to Ivory?"

"Yes how are you?" A voice that didn't belong to neither of the young girls said. For a moment, Esther prayed it was Bishop, taking up a feminine tone to scare her and Rihana, but that thought was just absurd. Even by Esther's standards.

Slowly, she turned around, cat in hand, and looked directly at a smiling Ivory.

"Uh, hello...Ivory." Esther awkwardly uttered, and mentally lectured herself for the pathetic tone she took on. The girl was always ready for a lecture and met whoever giving it with a glare. Ah, but Ivory's different, a voice in her head reminded Esther. Ivory was a supernatural being. Okay, not really; she was just their teacher - a kinder one compared to the ones the younger girl knew.  

 "Good morning, Esther," the teacher said, her tone light and calm. There was a hint of a smile on her face. "And do you mind telling me when you were going to inform me that we got a new residence?"

Bull's eyes.

Be tactful, Esther thought, tactful. "Well I was going to tell you. This morning in fact."

"Really?" Ivory said. She didn't sound mad or angry - if anything a bit amused, but Esther was too worried about her feline to notice the other girl's showing gentleness.

"Yes, I was. I found, uh, Milo, here last night while having dinner," the student mumbled.

The teacher's smile widened. "Oh? You didn't mention that while you conversing with Bishop earlier."

Esther gulped. "You...heard us?"

"Yes. What you call "tip toeing" disturbed me while I was reading in the library," Ivory softly laughed, "And you were hardly quiet when you were talking with Bishop, either. Any louder, and you would have woken up Rihana." If she was aware of Esther's chat with the boy, then there was no doubt she knew of the deal her student attempted to broker. Even so, she didn't mention it before said boy appeared behind Ivory.

"She could keep it." He uttered, jumping into the conversation somewhat randomly. Rihana looked a bit bewildered to see him, but no one noticed her expression. Ivory, on the other hand, was not surprised by Bishop's interjection, unlike Esther who was fidgeting slightly.

"And why do you say that?" Ivory asked calmly.

"Because..." he stopped for a moment and glanced at the blonde girl. They shared knowing glares with each other, although they were short lived. "Because the responsibility would be good for her."

Esther immediately felt offended, even though she knew Bishop was only following through with the deal the only way he knew how. She scoffed and began to mutter. "Responsibility will be good for me? I half the mind to slap -"

"Very well." Esther's head snapped towards Ivory, "You may keep the animal. I'm alright with it, just please be sure to take care of Milo, Esther. Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'll return to my reading..."And with that she simply walked away, casting another smile at all three. 

Esther stared at her teacher's departing figure for a passing moment. Then down to Milo in her arms, and lastly to Bishop who was glaring at her. How typical.

 She bit her bottom lip, looking for the proper words to say. Bishop's response, however, to what just occurred was wordless. Give me the tome, Esther imagined him saying with that look on his face. I don't like you, Broody, she tried to convey with her own frown.

Rihana, once again, was the one to cut the threatening silence. "Will someone tell me what just occurred here....Please?"

Breaking her gaze on the boy, Esther offered a small, but apologetic smile. She said, "I'll explain everything later. When Broody isn't around."

Bishop growled at Esther, "Don't call me that."

"Wasn't part of the deal, smug-face."

Now Rihana was confused. "Smug-face? Esther isn't that a bit..."

"Ridiculous? Out of character? Surprisingly not insulting coming from someone like me? Don't mind me, and like I said, I'll explain everything later. Now if you and pretty boy don't mind, I need to catch up with Ivory and find out where the kitchens are. I need to feed Milo something."

Esther ran off after their teacher, while Bishop and Rihana shared looks with each other, now alone in the garden once again.

The End

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