"Night, Anna," I smiled closing my door not bothering to correct Bishop and deep down I liked it. Sighing I got my bath things together and my thoughts went to Ivory whoever this person was seemed to be important to her. She too was lost in her own thoughts on the way back. I headed to the bathroom taking a long hot bath feeling my muscles relax, putting my iPod on and enjoying the peace and quiet.

A pang of sadness hit me. I never got peace when I was in the care home, someone always wanted something. I got out of the bath then quickly putting my PJ's on, rushing back to my room and burying my head in the hug bed while tears escaped my deep blue eyes.

I awoke to the sound of someone banging, people speaking loudly and then feet on the stairs. My brain was working slowly and took me a while to remember that I wasn't in my old room, where banging, stomping feet and raised voices where a natural thing in the morning.

Actually getting up and out of bed was hard. No scrap that...opening my eyes were hard. Sleep clung to my eye lids and looking in the mirror conformed how red and puffy they were from crying myself to sleep.

"Ugh." I mourned seeing my brown tangled mess supposedly hair. "This is not my day." I somehow managed to tame my hair into a messy bun and washed away most of the sleep from my eyes. But they were still red and puffy. Looking around my room I found some dark glasses and a blue hoddie, after putting them on I made my way outside grabbing a mug of hot chocolate taking it outside.   

I found my spot by the fallen tree trunk where Bishop had found me the other night.

‘You really are a good artist, Anna. You shouldn't be so embarrassed about it.' Strange people had said that before that I was an good artist, but Bishop had said more and it scared me. Because Bishop was right, I was and did feel embarrassed about my drawings. I knew why. I knew the reasons. I just never opened up to anyone.

"Rhiana is that you?" Esther voice called me, I stood up taking my hood down and turning to face her.

"Morning." I said my voice corky and managed a small smile.

"Are you okay?" She asked looking me up and down.

"I'm fine." Looking down I jumped seeing a ball of golden yellow white fur. "What"?

"Milo. He found me yesterday or I found him well which ever way you look at it." She picked up the fur ball that ‘meowed' fixing its eyes on me.

"Milo?" I replied. "And how are you going to explain that one to Ivory?"

"Yes how are you?" A voice replied that wasn't Esther's.

The End

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