Cracked Mask, Loose Emotions


Bishop sat against the wall in his bedroom, sleep was evading him this night. He sighed and pulled his phone from his pocket. 1:25am read the digital lettering. He growled, flipped his light on, and began pacing his room. He paused when he thought he heard footsteps, Just an old house. He thought, disregarding the noise. Finally after about five minutes of pacing, lost in his thoughts, he moved to the window. It was a beautiful night outside, the moon just like a diamond glitter brightly among the stars. His view was also very picturesque, he was able to look out over the entire expanse of the gardens. 

Then his eyes caught movement near a fallen tree. The female sat against the tree, her attention distracted by something in her hand.  Couldn't hurt to investigate. Grabbing his jacket, he shut off the light in his room. He was quick and silent making his way to the back door, which lead to the gardens. Like a predator stalking it's prey, Bishop moved around behind the figure who he recognized as Rihanna. 

"Sleep walking?" He asked in an amused voice.

"Shhhh shooooot!" A flicker of pride flashed across his face as she jumped up, startled and confused. "That's the 2nd you've done that now." She gasped as her breathing quickened. 

"Bet I can make it 3 times Rhiana." He said smirking, raising an  eyebrow.

"Hmm a challenge from Bishop, how I can't wait. Only if I can sneak up on you and make you jump." She said in a challenging manner, trying to look brave and sly." He let out a light chuckle but his face hid every emotion. 

"Deal and that should be interesting."

"What are you doing out here?" She asked shutting her sketch pad before he could get a good look at the page, but he saw the image and had to hide his surprise at what an amazing artist she was. 

"Too much going on in my head." He sighed, turning his attention from the house to the canvas in the night sky. 

"Bishop do you think that there's more going on here then you know who is letting on?" Bishop cocked his head slightly and watched Rihanna out of the corner of his eye. She looked tired and leaned against the tree. 

"Maybe." He said curtly. There was more he could or should have said but he didn't. A good player didn't reveal all of his cards, especially not his trump, until he was backed into a corner. 

"Mmm I..." He heard her yawn. "May..maybeeee." Her words slurred and her eyelids fell without warning, she was asleep under the stars. Bishop looked down on her tiny figure and smiled. 

"Silly girl," he whispered kindly, sitting next to her and picking up her sketch pad. Slowly he flicked through the drawings while the night came to life around them. Birds sang, crickets chirped, dragonflies flitted through the air. He shut his eyes for a moment and leaned against the tree. "Now I'm gonna have to carry you, Anna," he teased knowing that she'd never hear him. Setting the pencil and pad in her lap. He wrapped his arms around her and picked her up. 

She was light and easy to carry, as he moved back through the house and up the stairs. Pushing her door open, he entered her room and laid her on her bed. Silently her placed her things on an adjacent table and tucked her in. For a moment he was frozen at her bedside, watching as the sheets rose and fell from her breathing. His chest felt a slight burning pain and he winced. His emotions were starting to get the better of him and Bishop didn't like that one bit. Only once, he thought leaning over her bed and kissing Rhianna's forehead. 

"Sleep well Anna," he whispered, a hardened unreadable expression masking his face as he left her room and entered his own. He would need his sleep, tomorrow they were heading to Ivory's friend's place and he would need his wits about him. Who knows, maybe he would be able to learn something about illusionists or Ivory. Collapsing on his bed, Bishop let sleep take him away from the world and back to a happier time. 


Bishop woke with a start as his phone's alarm rang. His eyes blinked a few times before he stood and dragged himself over to his bag. Throwing on a new pair of jeans and a plaid blue shirt, he felt ready for a new day. The memory of last night sparked in his mind causing his face to flinch. He could never tell her, she must never know that his mask had been cracked. 

He then moved to his bedroom door, walking down the stairs, and out the front door. Esther and Rhianna weren't there but Ivory was. Suddenly his ears caught the sound of their voices moving closer. 


"Ditto. Don't die while you're out there." Esther joked and smiled, though the smile vanished when her eyes met his. 

"Why would we..." Rhianna started but Ivory intervened. 

"We must go now, Rhiana. And don't wander anywhere you shouldn't Esther! Especially my bedroom...Now, Rhiana if you would..." Rhianna gave Esther a quick smile and followed Ivory as she started for the car. Bishop stood with his hands in his jean pockets, thumbs sticking out. He kept a bored look upon his face while he leaned against the black jeep with tinted windows. When his eyes met Rhianna's, his eyes couldn't hide the surprise. He looked away, a frown etching across his face to cover his other emotions. She could never know. 

The End

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