Cut the atmosphere with a knife



Well dinner was great not too sure on the dinner guests. Of course me being me was the peace keeper; honestly I thought it was going to end in a food fight and tomato ketchup doesn't wash out well on white-as found out from past experiences. It was getting way to tense I given up on small talk not getting far with either of them. Ivory absence from dinner was showing and I didn't know what to do, so carefully I spoke out load. "Where's Ivory?"

"Enjoying solace, probably." Bishop tone was almost bitter and looked everywhere but at us.

 "Maybe we should go look for her." I suggested wanting to get away from the dinner table. Looking at Esther tense eyes and hard features I ventured asking her to join me.

It seemed to work as she stood up glaring at Bishop still annoyed. "Coming Bishop?"  It didn't sound like a question; I glance over to Bishop seeing his lazy arrogant eyes swift over us before replying.

"Let's go look for her then."

As we went back into the house  Esther muttered under her breath, I didn't need to hear to know what she could be saying.


Funny as it was I couldn't sleep. The bed was comfily just like it promised. I rolled around feeling too hot even with the window open. Nothing was working, counting sheep, iPod on low, gentle exercises...nothing. I groaned seeing the clock at 1:25. I needed sleep.

Grumbling I grabbed my note pad, white silk dressing gown over thin vest top and shorts and went off down the darkly lit corridor. The house was silent. Carefully I opened the back door to the gardens and found a fallen tree to sit and lean against. I started to sketch the trees, the crescent moon in the background and watched as my picture came to life under my fingertips. I could feel someone watching me turning my eyes to the house I noticed the top window light suddenly go off. Hmm Ivory? What she doing watching me?        

It was strange. Why me? Why us? And was there something more going on here then she was letting on? There had to be a reason behind all of this. What else did she want from us?

I was too engrossed with my drawing and my mind elsewhere that I didn't hear the footsteps come up behind me.

"Sleep walking?" Said the deep amused voice.

"Shhhh shooooot!" I jumped out of my skin seeing Bishop shadow lingering over me. "That's the 2nd you've done that now." I gasped feeling my heart beat loudly in my chest.

"Bet I can make it 3 times Rhiana." He raised his eyebrows smirking.

"Hmm Bishop challenge how I can't wait. Only if I can sneak up on you and make you jump." I challenged rising my eyebrow not wanting to be out done.

"Deal and that should be interesting."

"What are you doing out here?" I asked closing my pad before Bishop could see...too late his eyes lingered on my pad and then snapped his head back up.

"Too much going on in my head." He replied looking at the house then up to the night sky.

"Bishop do you think that there's more going on here then you know who is letting on?" I asked feeling tired all of a sudden and leaning back even more.

"Maybe." There was more to his answer but as usual he covered it up.

"Mmm I..." I yawned. "May may beeee." My slurred and my eyelids fell without warning I fell asleep under the stars.


I was drifting in and out of a dream of starry nights, soft touch and sweet smells. Eventually I awoke feeling relaxed; I climbed out of bed and headed to the bathroom in need of a shower. After getting changed I went to Esther door to say goodbye and see you later, but the blonde girl wanted to come and see me off. Esther was soo different from anyone I have ever met. We seemed to click with each other and hopefully our friendship would grow. True to her word Esther escorting me down the stairs to the front steps.

"I would come with you, but that book is...tricky to read." I could by looking in her eyes that she had been up for some time last night.

I nodded to her understanding her. "Of course. Uh, well... see you later, Esther."

 "Ditto. Don't die while you're out there." She joked with a smile on her lips but something made me shiver inside.

"Why would we..." I never got to finish my sentence due to Ivory.

"We must go now, Rhiana. And don't wander anywhere you shouldn't Esther! Especially my bedroom...Now, Rhiana if you would..." I gave Esther a quick smile then hurried after Ivory. The memory of last night rose to the surface of Ivory looking out of her window directly at me. Of course that opened up the memory of Bishop sneaky up on me. He was there standing with his hands in his jean pockets, looking board and leaning against a black jeep with tinted windows.

How did I get back to my room last night? Bishop caught my eyes surprised flashed in those greyly blue eyes and took a while to go back to normal. What did he do?   

The End

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