Old Friend


I skipped dinner sitting in the libary down stairs which is later where everyone found me. "Sit" I said gesturing the carpet as I continued to read through the book I had been holding.

"I'd rather-" Bishop began but one look and he sat on the floor with a flicker of a scowl. I snapped the book in my hands shut and placed in on the table next to me.

"I'm going to be visiting someone tommorow. You can either come with or remain here" I said calmly.

"I'll come" Rhiana said jumping at the opotunity. I smiled.

"I will as well" Bishop said.

"Ester?" I asked. She was looking at the book I was reading. I picked up the book an offered it to her. It was one on object creation and taught you many ways to use it. "Would you like to have this to practice?"

She looked up at me smiled and nodded. "That would be gracious. Thanks"

I look at the others. "Leave you medallions in your rooms hidden then meet me at the door. Don't try and trick me" I say then leave them. I head to my room and pack up a bag. I don't usually do this but.... Alfie was my friend. He could of been an Illusionist but he turned is down. Oh, I remember those words.

"Tell me, Ivory. I will live forever but... I will never experience life"

I find myself deep in thought. Am I making a mistake with these children?

The End

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