Wearing a Mask



Bishop began to pace the hallways after his conversation with Ivory, recalling every movement and ever word spoken. There has to something more, some edge, something she’s not saying. His feet carried him to a window sill and he took a seat, staring into the sky. White fluffs drifted by in the sky and he could hear the light songs of birds.

"Oh come on." A female voice whined from down the hall, Bishop turned her head and watched as the girl fiddled with the pendant’s chain. He sighed, She’s gonna take forever and I want my peace and quiet back.

"Allow me." He said taking the pendant from her soft hands, moving her chocolate brown hair, and locked the clasp on the chain. When he released it, the pendant hung around her neck. "Done."

"Thank you Bishop." Her voice said in a shy whisper. He blinked and kept his face blank, what did you have to offer? Why did she pick you? Pushing his thoughts away, he shrugged.  

"Left up to you, you would be there all day." His voice was still as liquid mercury.

"I wouldn't." she retorted.


"I wouldn't." A small flash of anger igniting in her eyes, the hint of a smile appeared on his lips but suddenly disappeared.

"Catch you later...Anna." He said turning and walking away in a leisurely manner. Like a little sister.

"It's Rhiana...get it right." She shot at him while he continued walking, the other girl was walking his way.

"Esther." Bishop said in an emotionless voice. And what about you? What makes you special?

"Bishop..." Esther replied giving him a skeptical glance as she twisted her pendant around her wrist. "Ivory said that we'll eat at 7, in the garden...Just so you know." The both stood at each other on opposite sides of the hallway, the air felt a bit tense. She didn’t like him, he could tell, from the second her eyes reached his. I won’t fight you now, but know that you’ve made an enemy by challenging me. He nodded simply, accepting the call to dinner would be in a few hours.

With the grace of a cat he moved past her and continued down the hallway. She's more like an older sister. As his feet tapped against the stairs, Bishop’s thoughts fell back to when he had shifted his appearance and how different he had looked. A sudden urge pushed at his mind, causing a grin to crack his placid exterior. He continued up the last few stairs, down the hall and into his room. It was quite a large room, compared to his room back at the boarding school. One Large plush bed, a beautiful desk, a small chair, and a window; a small feeling of warmth filled him when he realized he had a view.

Lastly was an item he had never really treasured, a large portrait mirror. He moved in front of it and looked himself over. He was lanky and lean with a athletic build. Standing at a modest 5' 7".  His hands ran through his short, spiked raven black hair. Matching his lightly olive skin was his steel blue eyes that seemed to hold the worlds knowledge behind . He chuckled, he may not have known everything but he did now a lot. Years spent reading book after book, subjects ranging from psychology to literature and astronomy. Bishop then stared at the pendant that hung over his grey shirt, it was still flickering wildly through ever color imaginable.

Could I do it again? Shift my appearance for longer? He thought back remembering the words Ivory had said. Emotion made the illusion harder to control and keep believable, no emotion…no emotion. Bishop clenched his fists then relaxed, he felt all his feelings of paranoia and doubt, of hate and love, all of it washed away and into the air. With a deep breath he concentrated hard on his new image.

After a few moments he opened his eyes, this time containing his surprise and excitement that he was able to complete the illusion. He was taller now by about 4 or so, inches. His facial features seemed smooth and handsome, though he had never considered himself to ever look attractive.

His black hair had shifted to a platinum blonde hair that was also spiked. Then his gaze focused on his eyes, they were a brilliant and luminous silver matching his now grayish white pale skin. An arrogant smile on his lips as he spun around once, the image faltered and disappeared, bringing him back to his normal looks. This time he had managed to keep it up a lot longer.

Suddenly a cacophony of loud noises echoed and thundered around the house ending with the heavy slam of a door. I highly doubt that came from Anna or Esther. Bishop went to his room door and looked towards Ivory’s room, what pushed her off the edge? I thought she was calm and happy? Curious, he walked to her door and hesitated only for a split second.

He knocked on the door and listened, trying to tell where Ivory was on the other side of the door. When it opened just a crack her was just about to ask her a question but the sight of her red eyes and tear streaks shut his mouth and answered most of his questions.  

 "What do you want?!" She snapped in his face, he kept his face placid. She wasn’t angry at him but angry he had bothered her.

"I was... you made a lot of noise. I was wondering why?" He said adding a hint of concern.

"Well, you know now. I'm crying and I don't plan to stop anytime soon" She said slamming the door in his face. Bishop blinked a few times and sighed. Let her solve her own problems, I have dinner to attend to. He knew he would be early by an hour or so but that didn’t bother him too much, he was surrounded by woman and peace for his thoughts was all he wanted.

At the threshold of the garden he concentrated, shifting his form into that of his illusion. It made him feel powerful and strong, not just the brooding intellectual he really was. Bishop moved slowly around the garden, examining its beautiful finery and adornments. The smell of the plants wavering in the air, colored by each one's flowers. His teacher sure had a love for the arts and mother nature surrounding it. 

“Hey?!” a voice called out in surprise. Bishop turned to see Rhiana or as he dubbed her, Anna, standing in the  doorway. “Who are you?” she asked her gaze confused. With a calm smirk, Bishop released the illusion and enjoyed the shock upon her face.

“Show off,” Esther said rolling her eyes and pushing past Rhianna. Bishop watched them both with a withdrawn fascination. Polar opposites, their personalities…but it seems I’m not well liked among the group. He moved to a chair and sat, while turning his attention on Esther.

“You can practice, just as much as I can. You have the ability, yet you roll your eyes at me like a petulant child who can’t get their way. My dear girl, I believe it is you who is showing off. Your words and your actions are all designed to garner some form of attention.” His eyes shifted from her to Anna and back to Esther. “And not all of it is good.”Then he fell silent, his usual mask of impassivity flushing his features. The mask that kept his emotions internal, as if they were secrets only to be hinted at.

The End

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