Settling In


Her new room was larger than her own back home. It would probably fit a second bed if she cared for a roommate, but for now she took pleasure in the isolation her own bedroom gave her. Out of habit, Esther dropped everything in her backpack onto her bed. Clothes, books, and her personal things scattered around on the sheets.  

Esther smiled a little. ‘There!' she thought, ‘I'm already settled in!'

 After half an hour of unpacking, her shirts and hoodies were left on the tops of cupboards and chairs while she fell into the calm, warmth of her bed, ignoring the mess she managed to make. She allowed her mind wonder for awhile, briefly to her sister and parents, feeling a pang of guilt at the memory of their faces. Disappearing like this was a serious issue, especially if she was going to be gone for a year. And yet, somehow a voice spoke and repeated that they wouldn't notice her missing presence; that "running away" was a common occurrence and she could ask Mr. Davis to cover for her, like so many times before.

The strangled feelings within in her left gradually, when Esther forced herself to focus on her new "teacher", Ivory Illusion. She was a strange woman to the say the least, or mysterious if not strange. And the other students - Rhiana and Bishop, they were certainly...interesting.

Esther wasn't a stickler for first-impressions, mainly because she didn't take them to heart and never paid enough attention to people long enough for them to make an impression, but the ride over to the school had given her  all the time to observe the two. Rhiana, the other girl, seemed nice enough when she offered Esther a smile when she moved to take her seat. Bishop on the other hand just have her a brief glance before shifting his eyes back outside.

‘Not the social kind, I guess.' She thought dryly, ‘Oh well. Might as well, check on the nicer one then.'

She went to Rhiana's bedroom and knocked on the door. "May I come in?"

 "Sure." The voice on the other side replied, and the sight that welcomed Esther was Rihana, lying comfortably on her own lavish bed before she quickly sat up and smoothed out the sheets unknowingly.

They started off pleasantly enough, while Esther reminded herself not to do or say anything offensive - the last thing she wanted was to make an enemy on her first day. But Rhiana seemed slightly skittish around her, dodging her first question and running out the door soon after. Esther didn't bother to ask her what was wrong. Clearly Rhiana was a bit uncomfortable around her, or about whatever had said. So she followed her downstairs, mouth shut and face expressionless, to where Ivory and Bishop were in a heated exchange of questions and answers.

She and Rhiana stayed back, even though Esther moved to say something, but the boy resumed speaking. Esther shot him a glare (out of habit), but kept her mouth glued shut while whispering something insulting in her head. When the boy did leave, after his attempt to change his own appearance (which left both Rhiana and Esther in awe, if only briefly), Esther allowed her narrowed eyes to watch his retreating form until Ivory directed her attention back.

"What's the difference between Object creation and changing?" Esther had asked, as Ivory went onto explain, then onto the matter of whether she was a mortal or not. The girl noticed something though. As she spoke, Ivory's eyes wandered as her voice became flat and sorrow-filled. When she began to trail of, Esther frowned, her lips going into a thin line of uncommon worry.

"Ivory?" she called. No response was given. Esther tried again, but her words went unheard until she reached out and clutched the taller woman's shoulders.

"Huh?" Ivory blinked and looked at Esther's face, still frowning.

"Are you okay?"

"Oh, yeah. I'm fine. It's just.... I haven't spoken about these sort of things in a long time." Esther watched her as she got up and walked to the bookcases that decorated one side of the room.

"Can you note the others food will be ready at 7 and we'll be eating in the garden?"The blonde girl nodded and left, thinking about her teacher's odd, but pained expression.

Later she found, Rihana and Bishop talking, before the boy walked away, towards Esther's direction.

"Esther." Bishop said, as though that was his way of greeting her.

"Bishop..." Esther replied, looking at him skeptically as twisted her pendant around her wrist. "Ivory said that we'll eat at 7, in the garden...Just so you know."

The boy simply nodded and moved passed her. In annoyance, Esther couldn't help but roll her eyes and snort. ‘Well, isn't he the talkative one?'

"He's very quiet, don't you think?" Rihana had said, suddenly. Esther jumped, snapping her head towards the other girl.

"Oh! Uh, yeah....In fact, he reminds me of some of the boys at my old school."

"Really?" replied Rihana, a curious smile on her face while Esther returned with a grin.

"Yup. All of them had that same overly-prideful air about them. Totally put me off." Esther chuckled, but the other girl's smile turned into a slight frown.

"Well, he can't be that bad."

Another snort came from Esther. "Maybe, but I don't think we'll get along," she said, "Anyway, Ivory said we'll eat at 7, in the garden. See you then?"

Rihana nodded as Esther walked away to her room and readied herself for dinner.

The End

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