"So, Ester. I'm guessing you want to know about something else?" I say sitting on the floor and gesturing for her to sit to. She complies and sits across from me.

"What's the different between Object creation and changing?" she asks looking puzzled. I smiled.

"I remember myself asking my mother that question. Wanna know what she said?" Ester nodded and so I continued. "An illusion can either cloak something that is there or make someone see something that is not there. Object creation are illusions that aren't solid. They are something that are to trick the eyes of mortals"

"Wait, are you saying you aren't mortal?" Ester questioned. My smile faltered and fell from my lips. I looked down at my hands clasped together.

"I can die so I guess I am sort of" I whisper. Memories race through my mind and I don't notice Ester is speaking till her hand grasps my shoulder. "Huh?" I say my head shooting up and my eyes locking with hers. She frowns.

"Are you okay?"

"Oh, yeah. I'm fine. Its just.... I haven't spoke about these sort of things in a long time" I say getting to my feet and heading towards the bookcases. "Can you note the others food will be ready at 7 and we'll be eating in the garden?"

Ester nodded and left leaving me with my painful thoughts. I felt sudden overwhelming feeling and raced up to my room not caring I made a lot of noise. I slammed my door shut and relocked it. I then raced up the next set of winding step to my room in the attic.

I collapsed onto my bed and began to cry curling in on myself. I let the tears come but held back my wails. I heard a knock and sat up wiping my eyes. I looked around my room my eyes resting on a painting of me back in 1781 with my mother and father behind me.

The knock comes again and I inch down the stairs. I open the door just a crack to see Bishop's face. He had is mouth open to speak but one look at my red eyes and he closes it. "What do you want?!" I snap.

"I was... you made a lot of noise. I was wondering why?"

"Well, you know now. I'm crying and I don't plan to stop anytime soon" I say and slam the door on him locking it shut and returning to my bed.

The End

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