Bishop walked calmly into his room placing his pack on the bed. His eyes lingered about the room but he had some questions that needed to be answered.

“Ivory Illusion,” he whispered as he shut his door and headed through the hall, down the stairs. When he finally made his way through a beautifully carved wooden door, his eyes fell upon his…teacher.  Ivory was flipping a coin in her fingers. He watched from the door way as each time the coin entered the air it changed in colour, shape, and value. Her thoughts seemed far away as her gaze fell outside a window. It was her own little world that her mind her mind was in. Bishop stepped further into the room and regarded her.

“Ivory,” his face was hiding all emotion and his eyes flicked curiously about the room. Questions bombarded his thoughts as he stood there in the middle of the room, fascinated with the coins sudden and wondrous shifts. He tilted his head, as though the thoughts bared actual weight. “If I may ask, why me?” Her head tilted also at the sounding of his question.  

"Why does the rain fall?" she asked back. A question for a question, quid pro quo. Bishop shrugged slightly, not sure where the question was leading.

"I can give you my reasons or the scientific," he paused blinking at the woman. For one as young as her to hold such power… "I believe that it falls to comfort, though it has not done such a thing for me." Leaning calmly against the nearby wall, his eyes watched her carefully.  

"You can't ask why a living creature breathes but you can ask it why it lives.” Bishop narrowed his gaze at her, but his face stayed still as stone holding to its blank expression. He felt sick of the run around and play on words.

"Why the philosophical questions? I can tell you are older than your appearance tells. Your eyes hold evidence of that. What compelled an Illusionist to take one such as I?" He sighed, his words felt harsh as they left his tongue giving him the sense she wouldn’t answer.

"Extinction?" She asked rhetorically. Bishop stared at her, confusion seething under his light olive skin. His ear twitched slightly, footsteps echoed from the stairs as the other two students entered. He hadn’t committed their names to memory and currently he could care less who they were. Ignoring the other girls, he replied with his own question.

"Extinction? Of what...your race?"

Taking to her feet, Ivory plucked a book from a shelf and leafed through it. "Yep, Illusionist aren't people. We're things" Things, Illusionist’s are things? Like an inanimate object or an animal?

"Illusionists are things..." The sentence repeated over and over in his head. "Then why bring humans, I don't see how the adopted son of a thief is going to stop your extinction. As for the other two, I care not." His glance flicked over the book but he stayed where he was, leaning upon the wall.

Ivory turned and held the book so that he could see, it was clasped within her grasp and she began to recite it’s lines.

"I forsake my humanity to breathe in Illusion and forever will I be frozen by it" After the words were said they seemed to hover in the air as if taking on a tanible form only to disappear when she snapped the book shut. "I was born an Illusionist. That doesn't mean Humans can't become one. Besides son of a thief, Illusionists don't abide by the law. We're above it" Her hands placed the book back upon the shelf as Bishop smirked, his eyes meeting hers.

"Above the law?" He nodded in delight of the idea, but somewhere deep inside felt restless and uneasy about the idea. "Though I still have yet to see my powers." He chuckled, pushing away his doubts and keeping a straight face. "I have nothing to offer Madame, but wit and tongue of silver." He bowed lightly to her, enjoying the parlay of their conversation.

"Oh, you won't have an inch of Illusion in you. Not without this" Ivory pulled a pendant out of a nearby box and let the item hang by its chain.  It was a simple circle of silver metal but the colour, the longer Bishop watched it the more it radiated through the spectrum. Bishop raised an eyebrow.

"Curious..." He stood his ground, watching with a hint of fascination glinting in his cold eyes. "So I'm assuming that the pendant holds for the color, I confess I have no idea to, unless that a part of the illusion?" he shook his head at the awful pun, whispering a slight apology for it.

Ivory giggled "Want one?” She then turned to the other two girls who had been watching the whole conversation unfold. “How about you Esther and Rhiana?" Bishop grinned and held out his hand.

"I have nothing to lose" Ivory nodded and her expression became a bit serious.

"Rule one, lose it and that is the end for you, you will lose all your power and will never be able to find this place again. Rule two, take this and you're making a commitment. Rule three, get caught I won't be able to help you" Bishop nodded slowly, showing his understanding as to the gravity of the rules.

"I understand and shall not take, lightly." Ivory passed a pendant first to him and then to the girls, along with the notes against misuse.

"Okay, where does everyone wanna start?" Ivory started as flowers begin to blossom everywhere. Bishop’s face dropped the cover of his excitement and became it’s usual mask as he placed the pendant around his neck. His eyes flicked only momentarily to the girls before it returned to the teacher.

"How did you shift your appearance? I'm interested in starting there.” He said ignoring the girls and their questions or ideas.

"Illusion Form. Oh, that’s easy. Imagine you're someone else and you are. Oh, this is what focuses on your feelings the most though. The more powerful your emotions the weaker the illusion form" Bishop blinked a few times and shut his eyes hoping beyond hope that this wasn’t an elaborate trick.  His body completely relaxed and then his eyes opened. He felt in awe that his appearance had shifted, he looked so different. "Is that...right?" he asked a hint of trepidation in his voice.

"Yeah..."  The image of his new form shimmered and disappeared. "Takes a while to control though." He narrowed his eyes sharply for a moment but then regained his calms instantly. "And what are we using these abilities for?" Ivory tilted her head.

"Fun, what else could you use it for? Although, you have to be cautious in certain areas"

"Certain areas?"  he mimicked her tone and turned his gaze out the window, watching everything lazily. "You mean about misusing the abilities, such as committing crimes?"  a fire burned through his veins a he cast an almost accusatory stare at her. She laughed

"No. As in getting caught in committing crime or the secret being discovered.” Bishop stared, Was she mocking him? Making fun of everything he had grown up with and known?! At first he stayed silent but finally he responded. His voice distant and distracted.

"Is there anything else we need to do today, Miss Ivory?" Bishop felt overwhelmed with everything, a heavy blanket of fatigue enslaving his body.

"Ouch, leave out this Miss. Now that makes me feel old. Nope, nothing else if you have no questions?" A bright red bouncing ball appeared in front of Bishop and he scowled at it with dissatisfaction.

"One more question before I leave the others to your companionship. We have full rights to practice our abilities...but I'm curious if there are different forms of illusions?" His hand unconsciously touched the pendant hanging round his neck

"Um, three catagories. Object changing, Object creation and form illusion.” She held up one finger for each of the abilities she listed off. Bishop nodded and walked over to the entrance, looking over his shoulder.

"I assume that since we are new to this we shall only know one before the others?"

"Ask and I will teach" she replied with a smile. "As an apprentice though you'll only be skilled in one as your strongest" Bishop took in the information.

"Thank you Ivory, If you don't mind I'm going for a stroll." He gave a slight nod but stopped as she snapped loudly at him.

"No! You may not leave the house with the pendant until I give you permission" Bishop recoiled a bit and narrowed his eyes.

"Then I shall take my leave to my room," He paused then added in a sarcastically flattering tone "With your permission of course." She narrows her eyes back.

"You may go in any room in this house except the bedrooms especially mine"

Bishop nodded and turned, leaving the other girls and Ivory to their business, What a curious person….

The End

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