I felt nervous. I was in my illusion form and cause of my nervous feelings I kept having to shift out of it because it was wavering. When is struck ten and I knew the coach, I'd hired to pick up all the students, was here I shrug it easily back on. I stepped out onto the doorstep of my large sized victorian house.

The kids shuffled out. Two girls and one boy. I took a deep breath as the coach drove away. "Welcome" I said. "To the school of illusions." As I said 'illusions' I shrugged off my fake form and the kids all stare dumb-founded. I smiled and couldn't help but laugh.

"Where's the headmistress then?" the boy asked.

"I'm the teacher" I said with a smile.

"How old are you?" one of the girls, the one with blond hair asked. I tilted my head and thought.

"That's a toughy. Hmm, I guess I'd be 19 body wise"

"Bodywise?" The boy questioned.

"Yep" I said cheerfully. You wanna come inside. "Oh, I'll need names first" I got the names each speaking it as they made it up the steps and inside. There was Ester, Rhiana and Bishop. "So! Where shall we start? Bedrooms? Class room? Lessons?"

"How about what the hell is this place?" Bishop asked.

"This is Illutic Cottage. Use to be contryside all around here" I answered finding myself sighing at the memory.

"Can we get our stuff to our rooms?" Rhiana asked.

"Sure" I said and gesture with one finger for them to follow. I led them out of the foyer and into the hallway and up the winding stairs. At the first door I stopped. "Ester"

She nodded and left into the room gasping. Probably at the size. I peeked in and smiled seeing her looking round in wonder. Then I closed the door and gestured for them to follow to the next door. "Bishop" I said and gestured to one directly across on the left hand side of the hallway. "Rhiana" I then gestured at the door behind me. "That leads to my room. Knock and do NOT enter" I spoke this as Ester came out. I then smiled.

"I'll be down stairs in the first room when you've settled in" I said then walked back down the corridor. As I was about to leave I clicked my fingers making it almost be snowing inside.

The End

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