No matter how loud I turned my music up, I still couldn't hear it over the row downstairs. I sighed taking my ear phones out and putting my drawing pad to the side and went to sort the kids out. As I walked down the stairs to the ‘rec room' the voices became clearer.

"No I want Cinderella." Chloe said.

"No I want Alice in wonderland." Replied Grace.

"But I want the sports channel on." Lewis added.

"No way!" Shouted the twin girls.

"It's my turn and I want the music channel." Snapped Abby. Meanwhile the T.V. was flipping through all the channels.

I leant against the door frame catching Mat's eyes watching the scene before him. Well if you're not going to do something then I will, I thought walking over to the T.V.

"Hey! Chloe, Grace, Lewis,Abby if you don't stop then no one will have the T.V." I said but of course they didn't hear, the girls had jumped on Lewis and were rolling around on the floor. I rolled my eyes seeing no way out of this and pulled the plug from the wall.

Everything stopped...1,2,3 I thought watching everyone reactions.

"WHAT HAPPENED!" They shouted.

"That's not fair."

"Rhiana why did you do that?"

"Because I did alright." I replied walking out of the room and tripped over someone foot.

"There was no need for that James." Matt commented as I turned back round seeing his smug face.

"Shut up Matt shouldn't you be filling out foster reports?" I snapped back side stepping out the door.

"Have you seen your cubby box lately? Only that letter has been there for quite a while."

"Huh? I don't get any letters like the others." I said in a puzzled voice walking over to my cubby box. The letter had elegant black ink handwriting and the paper felt and looked expensive.  "Shoot what's this about?"

That night when everyone was asleep I sunk down to Cathy office and turned the computer on. I still couldn't believe the letter, no matter how many times I read it I couldn't get my head round it.

"Rhiana James what do you think that you are doing?" I jumped and froze seeing Cathy sleepy annoyed form standing in front of me. "Well?"

"I...I got this letter about this school...I'm guessing it's a invite only of illusions whatever that means. It's all year and doesn't look like I well you don't have to pay for anything." I explained Cathy came over to sit down holding her hand out, I gave her the letter and held my breath.

"You really want to go don't you."

"I want to feel accepted. It's like she's choosing people and I want to prove myself to her. I know that I'll be leaving the care home and it's not what usually happens. But please let me go." Without warning a few tears fell from my eyes and I began itching my teardrop birthmark.

"I can't stop you Rhiana not from something like this. This could really help you." Cathy took my hand and smiled. "Let's go and get you packed."

I couldn't sleep at all. I kept packing and re-packing my bag. When the sun did finally creep through the curtains I grabbed my purple bag and slung my jean jacket over my shoulders and closed the door on my old room.

Just as instructed the bus appeared right on time, everyone came out the care home giving me hugs telling me how much they were going to miss me and then it was time to go.

The bus driver nodded as I pasted closing the door. I noticed a boy near the back avoiding eye contact, the bus suddenly took off making me lose my grip on the handle and I managed to fall on the nearest sit. I didn't know how long the journey would take but I kept looking around the bus, trying to catch the boy eye and thinking about the new school.



The End

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