Aura: Death is in the house.. Hotel

Shouting - that's what woke me up. I bolted up in bed. Someone in this hotel just died, and I was determined to find out who. Sometimes it pays to be a Soul-Eater... you can sense death so easily. I lept from my cozy bed - not that I needed the sleep - and fumbled with my shoes as I tried to put them on. Tasmia was out somewhere, but that didn't worry me too much.

The first room I went to was Sparx, even though I knew it wasn't him that died. Luckily, it wasn't his... daughter. I spat the word out like it was a disease. It's not so much his daughter I despise, just the fact that he HAS a daughter. I did make sure that they were both sleeping okay, and that the shouts that I head hadn't woken either of them. They hadn't.

I quickly checked on Jane and Regan. Both were safe.

When I passed Mark and Tallie's room, I could sense everything. I could hear the ghosts of Tallie's shouts - feel Mark's dying breath everywhere. It was horrible. I threw open the door, and despite all the carnage I've seen and caused in my life, I screamed. The sight I saw was horrible, and would haunt me for the rest of... forever really.

Tallie was standing over Mark, a crazed look on her face as she held the... Dagger? Stake? over his heart. Marks face was frozen - a mask of hurt and confusion. I couldn't help but stumble away from the horrid scene I came looking for.

Tallie heard me. She whipped her head up and advanced on me - stake in hand.

The End

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