Ravyn: Exile.

I was sitting in my room, the dark not bothering me. The balcony door lay open Vaguely I could hear someone screaming. I could smell death on the air and I felt restless. The burned Mark on my arm felt like a leadweight. I shifted, remembering Lilth's face when he handed me my punishment. Whilst I still felt betrayed, it had now been months since I had even seen a true Fey, let alone spoken to one. The anger had turned hollow and I just wanted someone with me. Since I had staggered through the doors of this house, I had been hounded, injured, or alone.  Walking out onto the balcony I held Lilth's bracelet in my hand. I knew that putting it on would mean that I could talk to him again, maybe get him to come find me.

I was tired of being alone. But the feeling of betrayal rose strong and metallic at the back of my throat. I clenched the bracelet in a fist, feeling the metal cut into my palm.

"I love you Lilth..why could you not see that?" I whispered. I then took the bracelet and placed it on a desk in my room. I jumped off the balcony, landing a floor down without a sound. With nothing but the clothes I was in and my weapons, I went walking.

I was unaware that someone had seen me.

The End

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