Mark: Dead

 We all went to bed really early now-a-days, including me and Tallie. We both slept in the same room- not the same bed- so we were talking for hours before we really, truly needed to go to sleep.

 After a while, my eyelids were drooping, and so were Tallie's, so I said:

 "Let's get some sleep. You never now; we might need it tomorrow" All she did was smile sweetly, and close her eyes, facing me. I did the same...Without facing me.

 And then I heard something in the night. I woke up, and a figure stood before me, with their hand held up high above my heart. A wooden stake.

 Their blow came down so fast I had no time to stop it. But their face was close enough for me to see who did it. Tallie.

 "I hate you for making me into this!" she screamed angrily, "I've hated you since before we started dating! I hate your kind, and now you're dead." She smiled slightly at the last part. And then I succumbed to death. I crumbled into non-existence. Forever...

The End

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