Sparx: Huntress

I lead FairLight downstairs, muttering conspiratorially under my breath. Pancakes? She thought I would cook pancakes? Come to think of it, the thought that I could cook at all was a wonder. I scarcely knew how to work a microwave.

However, the new arrival at the bottom of the stairs surprised me somewhat. She was obviously some sort of huntress, but she was so young I could scarcely imagine her killing anything bigger than a rabbit. Then again, her eyes were almost as red as mine and FairLight's, and she had a strange eerie aura to her.

"Oh allo?" I said, examining her carefully, "Who might you be?"

"My name is Astrum," she replied flatly.

I was taken aback by her tone of voice, she sounded a lot older than she looked. Then again, that was true of most hunters. It was just particularly spooky in younger ones.

"Well..." I said, whipping my tail about in a somewhat confused manner, "The owner of the hotel's around here somewhere, he ought to be able to find you a room, if you want one."

And please, I added mentally, don't tell me you hunt demons. It would be such a waste of time trying not to get killed when I'm grumpy enough as it is.

That would just push it too far...

The End

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