Astrum: A Star

 I walked through the city, my ruby-red eyes wide, as they locked on every face around me. A strand of midnight-black hair fell over my left eye, so I blew it away.

 My name's Astrum. I think it's Latin for star. I don't really know though; my parent's died before they could tell me. I have red eyes. I don't know why. I have smooth skin, until you get to my chest, which is full of scars.

 I'm a huntress, and I hunt anything that could show the true reality of mythical creatures. It's a hard job...

 I'm thirteen years old, and I have been a huntress since I was four. It sounds cheesy, I know, but I was raised by wolves. I could fight viciously and aggressively when I was only two. I only learnt to speak when I was five.

 Yeah, I've had a hard life, but who cares? I'm here now.

The End

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