FairLight: Hungry

  FairLight lay on her tummy her small head turned to face Sparx who lay next to her. After Ravyn had left Sparx had told her to go to bed. FairLight once again found it hard to sleep. So she just watched Sparx's sleep. He lay on his side facing her. 

  FairLight reached a hand out and traced his features. Her finger tip made a path down his long straght nose, then over his lips. Her finger went up cruving over hiw strong jawline and going over his eyes brows. Her finger stopped on his eyelid knowing when open his eyes would be crimson. FairLight did this over and over again, trying to memorize the face of he father. 

  Sparx opened one eyes and caught FairLight's wrist. "Kid what are you doing? Don't you know how distrating that is?" 

  FairLight gave him a shrug, moving her small shoulders up slowly since it hurt to move. 

Sparx gave her a growl. "Go to bed. Now!" 

 FairLight closed her eyes and let sleep take her. Knowing Sparx would not leave her side.

  When she opened her eyes in the morning it was to find Sparx glaring down at her.

 "How long do you plan to sleep kid?"

 "How ever long i want."

   Sparx snorted. "Well it sure looked like you were going to sleep for a couple days. Did you know you drool in your sleep?"

 "No,did you know you talk about mom in your sleep?" 

  Sparx stared at her mouth wide open.

  "Can you make breakfast please?" FairLight was hungry she hadn't eatten since she left to find Sparx.

 Sparx scwoled at her. "Fine. What do you want?"

 "Pancakes. Blueberry pancakes with lots of sryup and qrange juice and sasuage."

 Sparx scowl deepen. "Demons do not eat Blueberry pancakes."

   "Well what do demons eat?"

  "We kill small animals and eat them raw." Sparx chuckled at FairLight's horrified expersion. 

    "Well...can we go hunting then? I'm hungry."

The End

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