Jane: Vampires

I lay quietly in Regan's arms. The bed was creaking every so often when I moved and I couldn't stop moving.

Shadow was a vampire.... just like Regan.

He was incharge of a clan...... which I sort of fourght with. He was marveled by me and asked me to stay with him.

I had told him no, cause my heart at that time was still Regan's. He had said that he would fight for me....... that I would have so much more potential by his side....... that he had a plan.

But I had said no. I had liked him as a friend up until then and it was painful to watch him get angry at me. He scared me.

He asked me why not and I told him of Regan...... he had tried to kill him but I had stood in front of him.

Vampires...... they seem to swarm at me like birds to a nest. Even though the only one I have ever been able to love was Regan.....

The End

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