Ravyn: WHAT?!

As soon as FairLight told me she was the Queen's daughter, I lost any composure I might have had.

"You're WHAT?!" I couldn't help shouting. "No way! No. No. That would mean...." My gaze drifted over to Sparx. He nodded once, still looking like he would rip my head of as soon as look at me.

"I can't believe this." I shook my head repeatedly, trying to shake the thought out of my head. "The Law.. How can she uphold the Law when she does something like this? The Law forbids association with demons. Ulisa brought that in herself..."

I trailed off, realising why the Law had been brought in. "You broke her heart." I said flatly to Sparx. He didn't respond in any way to my comment.

Things made a lot more sense now. I looked up at them both.

"Sparx, I'm not going to hurt FairLight, and you don't intimidate me. Relax, you're going to whip yourself round the head with your tail in a minute."

FairLight giggled. Sparx didn't relax exactly but he stopped flicking his tail around so much.

"So where does this leave us?" I asked.

The End

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