Sparx: Protective

I watched Ravyn see to FairLight, not blinking once. I had no idea why, but I felt a strange protectiveness towards her. I'd never felt like this for anyone else in my life and, if I admitted it, it was rather scary. Not that that was particularly important at this point. I just wanted to see FairLight safe.

Maybe my heart wasn't as black and cold as she'd first thought.

My mind wandered back to the time I'd spent with Ulisa, all those months that had seemed like they would last forever. FairLight had said something about Ulisa thinking they were the best months of her life. I, however, could not say the same. Those few months had just become lost in the long mass of eternity that I had lived through, just a tiny shining beacon amidst a sea of mundane loneliness.

I'd never even known I had a daughter. How sad was that.

Still watching Ravyn carefully, I slunk over and crouched beside FairLight, tail whipping ominously behind me like a pointed whip. True I trusted Ravyn, but I was still nervous. Fey magics were potent things and they often had some unpleasant side effects. I'd felt the burn of those side effects more than once in my life.

Not in the least when Ulisa's people turned on me after I left her.

FairLight continued to talk to Ravyn, not really noting my presence, but I knew she could feel me there. She'd sense my being there, no matter what else preoccupied her.

She'd know I'd tear the throat out of anyone who tried to hurt her again.

The End

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