Ravyn: Shadows Came Calling

Aura was interrupted by a scream from down the hall. I didn't think anything, feeling only a selfish relief as we ran down the hall. I could smell blood. We opened the door to see FairLight, Sparx's child, on the floor with a knife in her back. She scrambled out past me. I tore my eyes up to see the man who stabbed her holding his wrist. Seared into it were Fey runes. I cursed in my own language as he dissappeared.

She's part Fey. She must be to use our runes. How did I not notice this before? Then how can Sparx be her father?

Jane was curled up on the floor. I went over to her, checking her over for serious injuries.

"You're going to have some bruises where he kicked you but you should be okay." I said to her softly. In response, she rolled away from me. Aura shoved me out of the way to get to her.

"Be gentle" I said, worried at what else the man had done to make her scream.

Aura nodded, checking her over again. Regan came in. I dissappeared into the shadows of the room. I didn't think he would be too pleased to see me, especially since I was very rude to him when the suicidals attacked before. He asked to be left alone with Jane. Against my better judgement, I left them. Despite everything, I still couldn't get over 1,000s of years of beine enemies overnight. Staying in the shadows, invisible to essentially everyone, I went to seek out FairLight. Even if she was only half Fey, she was the only link I could have to that world at the moment. The silver bracelet Lilth had given me was still in my pocket. I wasn't sure I could face him just yet. I followed her scent to Sparx's room. I could hear them talking softly behind the door, whoch was ajar. I ghosted in silently, before moving into visibility. I then spoke in the Fey language, meaning every word I said was true.

" I know you are part of the Fey people. I am not your enemy. I want to know how you are of both Fey and demon."

Sparx looked at me, shocked at my appearance, and obviously unaware of what I just said. He opened his mouth to say something, but FairLight interrupted him, replying to me in the same language I had used.

"You bear the mark of the Exiled. Yet you claim not to be my enemy. I want to know how you are both enemy of the Fey and not of myself, since I am, as you said, of the Fey."

I looked away, stung. I had almost forgotten the rune that had been placed on me. Before I could respond again, Sparx butted in.

"Tell me first, what you are doing here, and second what did you just say?"

"I know FairLight is part Fey." I said switching to the normal language.

Sparx replied with a curse, looking pretty mad.

"Obviously we have a lot to talk about." I said, lightly, but standing in a manner that meant I was ready for a fight. I was not backing away from this.

"FairLight is injured." Sparx replied shortly. "Later."

I walked to FairLight. Sparx lept up, preparing to attack me. Ignoring him, I took out a small Fey instrument. It looked like a slender metal rod, glowing softly in the darkness. A slim balde protruded from one end, also glowing.

"This is going to sting a little." I said to FairLight. Sparx tensed, preparing to launch himself at me. Swiftly I drew the rune for healing on her skin, almost instantly, Sparx pinned me to the floor, snarling and hitting me. I kicked him off.

"Look at FairLight!" I shouted at him.

He glanced over and saw her completely healed. No traces of blood remained on her skin. He paused.

"What is that thing?"

"Its a stelae. All true Fey carry them to use runes. I just put a rune of healing on her. Only full Fey can use this, anything else will result in death for the weilder and anyone who is affected by the rune. That rune will last a little longer, so any injures she gets while that rune is on her skin will go. Once it fades, so does the healing."

"Why don't you just constantly have runes all over you?" he asked, backing off a little.

"Because too many runes will burn you up completely. You loose your mind."

He nodded.

"So now do you trust me?" I asked, directing the question at both of them. "Because I'm not leaving until I get some kind of explination."

The End

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