Jane: Quiet

I didn't speak insted I wrapped in on myself.

"Was that Jane? Is she okay?" Regan's voice comes clear. He runs over and pulls me into his arms kissing my head lightly....... but I can't kiss him back.

I feel like I've betrayed him. "She's going to have a bruise. But she's gone silent" Aura explains

"Who hurt her?" I hear and feel Regan growl.

"A person called Shadow" I feel Regan go tense then look down at me.

"May we be alone please?" I hear shuffling then the door closed.

"Jane..." he breathed. I didn't move. "For god's sake Jane, did he kiss you?"

"Yes" I choke out.

"Oh, honey" He whispers pulling me closer but I push myself away.

"It's my fault. I should have stopped him..... I feel like I've betrayed you" I cry.

"One kiss ain't betraying me" Regan says taking my hands. Then I burst out in tears.

"Why did he have to come back? Why?"

The End

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