Aura: Who was that?

I gaze at Ravyn intently, pity for her spreading throughout me. How can I tell her she isn’t alone? That she isn’t the only one who can’t go home? I open my mouth to respond when, a few doors down the hall, Jane let out an ear piercing shriek.

            Ravyn turns to me, eyes full of shock as we dart out of her room and head to Janes. We reach the open door, and I could smell that the girl, FairLight, had just entered the room. I was a few seconds too late to save the girl from the blade that a strange, dark man stabbed through her. FairLight screamed and reached for the metal protruding from her back. Ravyn was unmoving, as was I. All I could do was listen to the little girl as she cursed this strange man with the black hole of an aura.

            The man gapes at his wrist as a tattoo magically appears, forgetting Jane and FairLight for a few seconds – seconds that proved long enough for me to pin him against a wall. Ravyn stepped away from the door to let her – the child FairLight – drag herself through.

            “Who are you?” I hiss at the man. “And what do you want with Jane?”

            The man, Shadow, as I learned through his thoughts and memories, just chuckled. I pushed my elbow into his throat until he was gasping for breath.

            “Shadow”, he gasped. “Now step away from me or I’ll have an entire army of Suicidal’s after you.”

            I step away from him and he vanishes, but not before he says “We’re not finished, Jane.”

            Ravyn, who apparently got over her shock and anger for the moment, was already at Jane’s side. “You’re going to have an awfully big bruise where he kicked you.”, she said.

            Jane nods at her, her grimace of pain turning to confusion as I shove Ravyn aside.

            “Aura! Be gentle with her!” Ravyn scolds. I give her the slightest nod of my head before returning my full attention to the wounded Jane in front of me.

            “Now, Jane. Who exactly was he, and what on earth did he want with you?”

The End

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