FairLight: Curse

 FairLight eyes opened, she sat up quickly. She crawled out of bed placing her small feet on the cold floor. Clutching the ragged bear to her chest she ran toward the scream. FairLight opened Jane's door to find the shape shifter staring horrified at a evil man. 

  Without thinking FairLight ran to Jane dropping her teady bear.

    "JANE!" FairLight cried her small white hand reaching out toward the women.

    Jane turned and her eyes widen. "No! FairLight run!"

   FairLight felt cold steel as she was stabbed from behind. She screamed in agony dropping to her knee's. She reached a hand to pull the blade sticking out of her back and flinched when her fingers touched the metal. For she was part fey, and to fey metal is poisons. FairLight brought her blood covered hands to her eyes.

She was dying. No! FairLight wouldn't die here! She would live!

The child turned her big eyes up to the man who had done this to her. He was  the same evil man that had hurt Jane. FairLight did not cry or shake with fear. No, she spat on the man's face, earner her a kick in the ribs.

    "I curse you! Whatever you touch shall wither and die beneath your hands of blood!" FairLight said in a soft voice. The man Jane had called 'Shadow' kicked her again. "No one will love you, you will be alone forever! If you shall ever bear a child may it die in your arms! If that child will live let it carry on you curse! I Princess FairLight of the Fey curse you!" To finish her curse FairLight raised a bloody finger to the man's bare wrist and scribbled the Fey runes for her curse, the runes shimmered and turned into a tattoo. 

    The man eyes widen at the tattoo. With his eyes turned away from her, FairLight rose on shaky hands and knees to crawl back to Sparx's room. With great effort and pain she climbed back into bed, laying on her stomach. FairLight closed her eyes, using healing magic to cure some of her energy.  She closed her eyes, using her mind she sent a mental plea to two people. One to Sparx and one to the Queen of Fey, her mother.

  Sparx came first, through the window.

   "Ok kid I just want you to know if this is a joke I’m going to-" He stopped when he saw FairLight. "I leave for a couple of minutes and you go and get yourself hurt!"




The End

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