Jane: Shadow

"Shadow" I gush out turning back into a human and staring shocked. "You're working with suicidals?"

"No, they're working for me" Then as he say that the suicidal kneels down. I turn to look at him then when I turn back to Shadow he's right in front of me. I try to step back but he grabs my wrists.

"Let go Shadow" I whisper.

"I need you help, Jane" he whispers and he's so close I feel his breath on my face.

"Let go Shadow" I whisper more urgent and scared.

He smiles then presses his lips on mine. I yank my fist free and bring it hard across his face.

I step back and turn to run to the door. I'm lifted up by my waist. I turn to a mouse and jump out of his arms. I turn in to a human again then scream.

The End

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