Ravyn: Meeting Aura.

I couldn't keep still, I was pacing restlessly. When the knock at the door came, I didn't answer, but they seemed to take my silent suprise as an invitation and walked in. She had long red hair, which matched her crimson eyes. Soul-eater I'd guess. Those eyes are almost demonic.

 “I know we didn’t really get a… proper introduction, but I’m Aura…” She was hesitant, probably sensing my anger. I tried-and failed- to calm down.

"Ravyn." I said tersely. "Sorry, but as you might have guessed, this isn't the best time to get something nice out of me."

She nodded. "You got exiled."

I wish people would stop saying that.

I nodded, showing her the rune on my wrist. "The Fey symbol for 'exile'." I laughed bitterly. "The irony of that is, our runes, our language, describes the true nature of everything. This will be burnt into my skin for 100 years, until my punishment is over. It is the most final punishment, and completely irrevocable. Usually reserved for the most horrific criminals. All I did was stop Mark getting hit by a Suicidal. Hundreds of years of Hunting for the Fey and I get this for one incident."

She just looked at me, pity in her eyes. It made me feel worse if anything. I still hadn't stopped pacing. Aura watched me.

"I'm not going to say it will be easy but its the beginning that will be hardest. You will learn to live with it if nothing else. And 100 years isn't all that long for an elf. You will be back before you know it."

I stopped. "I will never be able to go home. I have nothing there anymore. Criminals are not welcome in our society. The rune might fade, but the punishment will not. The Fey will never forgive my 'crime'. I betrayed our kind."

Aura opened her mouth to respond.

The End

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