Aura: Proper introductions

I walked over to the window, thawing from my frozen state brought on as the truth about Sparx sunk in. Glancing out the frosted windows, I catch his silhouette, black against the white of the moon. I sigh and leave the room.

            Seeing as there was nothing else to do, I decided to hunt. Though I swore off of the boredom-hunting. I stepped out of the Hotel – my current home – and into the frigid air. Taking off towards the trees at full speed, I head towards the nearest city, hoping to find a priest… maybe even a baby, one who has yet to mess up their soul.



            I got pretty lucky back there. I had come across both –  priest with his wife and new born baby boy. I felt bad for erasing that small branch of a family tree, but I did what I had to do. It had been a while since I’d actually “eaten”.

            Seeing that most of the lights in the Hotel were dimmed, or out in the case of the fairy-demon child, I decided that I would try and get some sleep myself. As I was walking down the hall to my room, I heard a few voices here and there – Jane talking to someone, Fairlight talking in her sleep. I couldn’t tell whether they were on the same floor as me or not, but I didn’t really care.

            I heard pacing in the room beside me, and smelled elf. What’s up with the outcast? Even though I’d been totally oblivious for a while, I could still pick up on things, like Ravyn becoming an outcast for protecting the vampires.

            I hesitantly knock on her door, unsure of what I was planning on saying, or how much she would want to talk to a pariah like me.

            “Ravyn? Are you okay?” I open the door a crack, the anger and tension in the air blasting like a radiator around me. Her aura was disturbing to see, it’s edges all frayed, and near black – almost like she was dying on the inside.

            She looked shocked to see me. Taking her shock as an invitation, I opened the door all the way and went and sat on her bed. “I know we didn’t really get a… proper introduction, but I’m Aura…”

The End

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