Mark: Explanations.

I heard Ravyn's conversation with the young elf. I couldn't let this happen! And where had she got the imrpession that we would kill her? I ran out of the hotel. The elf turned around and snarled.

"Hey hey now, I'm not gonna hurt you." I said, holding my hands out as if to show him that I had no weapons.

"What d'ya want." The elf growled.

"Well, I heard your conversation with Ravyn," his face fell when I mentioned her name, "and I just wanted to say that I'm not a Great Vampire. I'm not even evil. I've never acctually eaten a human in my life." I exclaimed. Confusion filled his face.

"Tell your Queen that the person who Ravyn was protecting, was on the same side as her- your Queen."

"I'll be sure to pass that along." He said, hostility clear on his face. he ran into the blackness of the forest, as I walked slowly back into the hotel.

The End

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