Sparx: A Flight Cut Short...

"Is everything ok?"

Ravyn's voice shook me out of my reverie. I shook my head and looked up, blinking stupidly a few times before recognising her. FairLight was curled beside me, her little chest rising and falling slightly as she slept. It hadn't taken long for her to drop off beside me, but I still remained awake, fidgety and restless. Evidently Ravyn could sense that.

"Oh yeah, I'm fine. Just thinking is all." I said, shooting a quick look at FairLight to check I didn't do anything to wake her.

Yeah, thinking about what to do about a kid that suddenly turns up on my doorstep and calls me "Dad." Jees, I was never meant to be a father! Look at me!

Ravyn gave me a concerned look and I grinned. My flight had been cut short by the sight of Fey on the horizon. I'd shot back in here before they saw me, or used me for a pinata. Fey and Demons have never been on the best relations. Especially not with ones who've wreaked as much havoc in life as I have.

What can I say, I'm a trouble magnet.

"What did those Fey want?" I asked, catching an air of defeat about her, "They were here to talk to you weren't they?"

The End

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