FairLight: Daddy's little girl

 FairLight lay on her bed, her crimson eyes on the ceiling. It was 11 pm and yet she still couldn’t go to sleep. She had tried counting sheep but had stopped after 120 finding it useless.  FairLight rolled over, her slim arms wrapped around a ratty teddy bear. Slowly the girl sat up, hair falling into her eyes. She climbed out of bed tip toeing out of her room and down the hall to Sparx's.

   She pushed open the door walking over to the bed, the teddy in one hand. Reaching out a hand she poked Sparx. The demon opened one eye and glared at her.

   "What do you want kid?" 

   "I can't sleep." FairLight told her father giving him a shrug.

    "What do you want me to do about it? Go back to bed." Sparx gave her another glare.

   FairLight stuck out her bottom lip. "I-I...can't..."

     "Why the hell not?"

     "Cause...I heard a werid nose and know i'm to scared to go to sleep!" FairLight burst into tears.

   Sparx scowled at the child. "Your part demon, you shouldn't be afraid of anything!"

   “So! You’re a demon but I bet your scared of something!" FairLight stuck her tongue out at her father.

  Sighing Sparx's scooted over making room for FairLight. "Come on."

   Smiling FairLight took a step over to the bed but paused her smiling turning upside down.

  "What is it now?"

  The girl held up the teddy bear she held. "Luna to?"


  FairLight's smile returned and she crawled into bed next to Sparx snuggling up close. 

   "Mommy told me you gave her this bear...." FairLight whispered to Sparx's back.

  " Ulisa said that?"


  Rolling over Sparx looked down at the child. She looked back up at him.

 "Mommy was right...” 

 "Ulisa was right about what?"

  "Alot of things. You have the same eyes as me. Mommy also said that you love only yourself and your cold black heart couldn't muster up any love for anyone else. She said your immature brat who can't handle a real women like her. She said she loved your eyes the most. She said that time she spent with you were the happiest days in her life and she wouldn't change a thing. Please stop me if you get bored. Cause the list goes on and on." 

 FairLight couldn't see Sparx in the dark but she could smell his surprise.

  "You’re surprised, why? Shouldn't Mommy's feelings for you be clear?

  "How do you know I’m surprised?"

  "I can smell your emotions. Duh." 



   "Why are you here?"

    FairLight paused a moment to think over the question.

   "....I wanted to see my so called 'Dad' I guess...or maybe I’m lonely. Does it matter?"

    "Does your Ulisa know your hear?"

   FairLight rolled over turning her back to Sparx. "Like she would care...She is too busy being queen of the fairies and flirting with people to care about her daughter anymore." 






The End

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