Jane: Soap

"Oww!" Fairlight moaned again.

"Keep still and it won't hurt" I say smiling at her. She looks at me slightly bewildered.

"Have you got children?" she asks. I freeze from rubbing the soap in her hair.

"No" I say grabbing the shower head. "Close your eyes" She does and I wash the soap out of her hair. "When did you last wash?" I ask.

"Last week" she says. "I wanted to find my dad"

"Well, I'm sorry to tell you sweety but your dad won't do you much good" I say going over to grab the towel. Fairlight jumps out of the bath and I wrap the towel round her.

"I could have washed myself" she says a bit moodily.

"I did try to let you but you didn't rub it in hard enough" I stop and tap my foot. "Do you have spare clothes?"

"In my bag" she says gesturing to the rucksack at the side of her clothes.

"Be dressed in five minutes, I'll dry your hair for you maybe style it" I say smiling, then I begin to turn.

"Jane" I look at the girl. "Do you think my farther will try his best to..... you know be my dad?"

"I wouldn't count on it but I would really hope so" I say smiling then leaving her in the bathroom to get dressed.

I walk out to find Sola and Regan speaking outside.

The End

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