Sparx: Revenge.

I swear, right a that moment I could have murdered someone. Sola, Jane, Regan, any of them would have done. Just hand me a sharp object and I'd happily have rammed them through with it. And I'd have enjoyed it too.

Fuming and in the worst mood I'd seen for at least the past 200 years I retched one last time into the bucket and prepared to leave. Then an idea hit me. I cackled maliciously and, picking up the bucket (being sure to keep it at arm's length) I shot up the stairs after Jane, FairLight and Sola. I slid silently through the corridoors until I reached the room Sola had claimed for her own.

Time for some revenge. Petty, immature revenge, but revenge none the less. Cackling maliciously, I peeled back the sheets on Sola's bed and emptied the contents of the bucket across her bed. I put some under the pillow too, then replaced the sheet and ran back out of the room again, cackling hysterically despite myself.

I couldn't wait to see the look on Sola's face when she found that out.

Returning to the living room, now empty save for the elf and Aura, I headed for the window and jumped out into the night. I needed a good fly to help clear my head, help me solve what I was going to do about FairLight returning.

Also to give me a good head start when Sola came to murder me for what I'd done to her bed.

Because I knew she would.

The End

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