Sola: Untouchable

I was busy laughing at Sparx being sick when his daughter walked through the door. At first, when I thought she was a Hunter come to join our little team, she reminded me of myself. She couldn't have been any older than ten and I'd started hunting when I was four. But then she called Sparx 'Dad' and I felt a laugh rising in me again. Jane beat me to it. Regan joined in, like I knew he would. And Sparx...he just looked like he wanted to be sick. He probably did. Jane took the kid, Fairlight, off somewhere and Regan followed her. The two of us hadn't really spoken since what happened with Break. The sound of Sparx throwing up again made me laugh.

"And that, Sparxy-boy, is why we don't bite Suicidals" I said smugly, flicking his forehead.

"You think I don't know that?" he snapped.

"Well, I think you do now. Though I have to say, it must have been obvious when the vampires weren't biting them. I mean really, I thought demons were supposed to be smart".

Sparx was about to say something but got cut short by the need to vomit. I laughed at him again.

"Something funny?" he managed to choke out icily.

"Your stupidity".

"One of these days, Sola".

"Now that wouldn't leave a good impression on Fairlight, would it? Oh, you're a dad now. Damn, I guess I can't kill you now".

"I wouldn't let your guard down" Sparx smirked.

"Heh, right now I'm untouchable" I said a little too smugly for my own liking.

Before Sparx had a chance to reply, I dashed up the stairs in search of Jane, Regan and Fairlight. Just because I hated her dad didn't mean I had to be horrible to her, right?

The End

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