Mark: I Can't Take It!

I wanted to drink May's blood so badly. But I couldn't. Not only out of respect, but also to show that it's possible to do it. To give a good example, and hopefully others would follow my lead. I was holding Tallie back with as much might as I could muster.

"Fight it. Fight the thirst." I whispered in her ear. I could see that she was trying, but she obviously couldn't fight the thirst. Not if she's just been reborn. I yanked her away from May's dead body, and carried her upstairs, into our room. I laid her on the bed, and she seemed to recover well, since the smell had left. Guilt filled her face,

"I'm so sorry!" She exclaimed, "I just couldn't take it. The blood- oh my god." She broke off crying. I decided she should quench that thirst by hunting.

"Follow me." I said, and she did so willingly. I went downstairs to where most of the people in the hotel were and stood on a desk.

"All vampires. If you are thirsty, we shall go for a hunt now. Please come if you're thirsty!" I shouted.

The End

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