Aura: CAN'T be a father!

             Looking around at the chaos that broke out below me, I can’t help but chuckle. Stupid, pathetic little creatures. The three vampires were after May’s blood, and everyone else was trying to hold them back while disposing of May’s body. Don’t get me wrong, I do feel bad about not helping during the Suicidal attack, but their stench was overwhelming. Certainly not worth getting involved with creatures who’s souls are so disturbing and messing up my hair. 

            Again, despite everything that was going on, I couldn’t help myself but gaze at Sparx… which was why I noticed a little fairy-demon-thing approach him, shortly after he started vomiting into a bucket. Guess they taste as bad to him as they would to me. 

             I drift down silently from my perch in the rafters. Slipping through everyone crowded around Sparx and the newcomer, I come to stand at his side. The girl – she must have been no older than 10 – was speaking to him, almost the same way someone speaks to a parent they haven’t seen in years. Which was when I realized that she WAS speaking to him like that. 

           Too caught up in my own thoughts, I heard nothing of what she said, but what I did hear was enough to prove my theory.  

            “…Dad” I gape in horror at the little one. Sparx CAN’T be a father!

The End

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