FairLight: Family Reunion

  The 10 year old girl bit her lip the metal in the yellow cab wasn't suppose to affect her this much. It seemed being half demon didn't dull the side effect that metal had on fairies. The girl whimpered leaning her small head against the leather seat. Her long messy white blond hair was mixed with black streaks that curled around her small face.  The girl’s snow white skin was flushed red; beads of sweat ran down her forehead.

    FairLight knew she couldn't ride in this car any longer but the hotel was too far to walk on foot and flying was not an option.  What would humans say if they saw her flying over their homes? They wouldn't say a thing; they would grab her and cut her open. Fairlight ground her teeth together, so riding it was no matter how much it hurt. Getting a free ride had been easy enough. With her good acting and a couple of tears she had him curled around her little fringer.

  FairLight stared out the window through her to big sun glasses that hid crimson eyes. What did her father look like? Mother had said he had crimson eyes like FairLight's. Growing up she never knew her father, Lucy's mother a fairy Queen had never spoken of him. Once she had admitted that she had been in love with her father. Another time she had got a name.


     Sparx, what kind of name was that? FairLight guessed it was a demon name. Not like her mother’s name Ulisa. Suddenly the cab stopped. FairLight thanked the driver grabbing her bag and particly running out the cab. She climbed the hotel steps till she got to the door pushing it open she walked in. Sniffing the air, FairLight was puzzled over the smells. There was vampire, shapeshifter, souleater, shadowbeing, human, elf and demon. 

    Backpack slung over shoulder FairLight followed the smell of demon to a room down the hall opening the door she found a group of people. A demon leaned over a bucket pucking his guts out. In between pucks he yelled at a vampire nearby which he called Mark.

    "Huh...Somehow when I pictured meeting my Dad I didn't expect him to be pucking his guts out in an oh-so-nasty-way." FairLights voice dripped with sarcasm when she stepped over to the demon who had stopped pucking for a minute to give her a once over. She squatted in front of him taking off her huge sunglass to reveal crimson eyes and a small female face so much like his own.

    "What you’re not going to say hi to your lovely daughter? No, oh FairLight I am so happy to finally meet you or I didn't even know I had a daughter? Nothing like that huh?"  FairLight eyes half closed and she had gave Sparx's one of her best smiles. The one that showed her two rolls of sharp pointy teeth, the one that sent a chill through a person. 

    Sparx's left eye did a funny twitching thing before he turned back to his bucket to through up again.

   FairLight patted him on the back. "Oh were going to have a grand time, Dad."


The End

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