Sparx: Explanations. Now!

I shook my head slightly, head still spinning. Someone wanted to kill Mark? What for, yeah sure he was a vampire but there were dozens of those running around chewing people. Why was he special?

I gave Mark a long look, trying to ascertain whether he had any idea about the reasons behind the attacks.

"I think you have some explaining to do Mark. Who's out to get you? And why? Don't give me that look, you know full well by now someone's out to get you! Remember the Suicidal at the window? Somebody wants you dead. Start talking. Now."

Feeling something like an inquisitor, I took a seat atop the overturned couch. As I did, I felt a sudden lurch to my stomach.

"And someone get me a sick bucket," I gasped, gagging as the bile rose in my throat, "Quick!"

Eurgh. Note to self, Suicidal blood tastes bad. Really bad.

Do not bite again in future.

The End

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