Jane: Someone wants Mark dead

"It seems to me as if someone wants Mark.... Dead" I say the last word clearly. Then I feel the wound in my side.

Everyone freeze's now seeing the large gash.

"Ouch" I choke out but my eyes are on Tallie who's fangs are extending. Then it all takes off.

Regan jumping in front, Tallie springing, Mark grabbing her by the waist. Then Sola rushing over with badages. I shake my head and show her that the wound is now a large scar.

"I heal quickly from a flesh wound" I say shrugging. "But.... I think I better get changed"

Tallie's eyes are still on a vein at my throat and Regan looks as much in pain. I walk away and go upstairs.......

Someone want's Mark dead and they don't care if we also die in the process...... Well, it's obvious since they hired suicidals.......

Suicidals don't work on their own.......

The End

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