Regan: She's Dead and It's Gross, But That Blood Sure Smells Good

The first thing I remember was the smell of blood. It was thick, sweet and smelt absolutely gorgeous. Almost better than Jane's. I felt Jane's arms around my waist and realised just how hungry I was.

"Regan, even though she's dead you need to have respect" she shouted, using all her strength to hold me back.

"I'm trying" I whispered, trying not to open my mouth.

The scent of the blood was overpowering but I just about managed to control myself. Yeah right. If Jane hadn't have had a hold of me, I would've been lapping up May's blood in seconds. I could faintly smell blood coming from Mark, I guess Tallie was finding it harder than me to resist. Sparx dashed over to me and Jane, much to my annoyance, and tried to help out with holding me back. He should've helped Mark, if you ask me.

"Sola, get May's body out of this room or they'll rip it to shreds" I vaguely heard Jane shout.

Sparx headed over to May's body and I felt a new set of arms around my waist. I heard Sola say something to Jane before Jane's arms slipped away from my waist. I struggled more against Sola, she was weaker, I could escape easier. But she had a vampire-like grip on me. Sparx and Jane carried May's body out of the room and I had to fight the urge to follow them.

"Regan, snap out of it, you're acting like a newborn" Sola snapped harshly.

"But she smells so good" I whined, trying to turn around and see where they'd taken her.

Next thing I knew, Sola had shoved the side of her hand in my mouth. I understood what she was doing. She was offering me her blood. Well, more forcing but the thought was still there. I bit down lightly and felt my head clear as her salty blood trickled down my throat. I ran my tongue over the bite, sealing it so Sola wouldn't bleed to death. Or draw Tallie's attention. That's when a Suicidal yanked Sola away from me by her hair. And punched her sqaure in the face. Mark had let go of Tallie and the two of them were fighting, alongside Sparx.

"Bloody vampires" the elf, Ravyn, snarled as she pushed past me.

I shook my head angrily and tried to find Sola. She had knocked the Suicidal to the floor and didn't look like she was in any danger. Ravyn seemed to take my pause as something else.

"If you're not going to help- Get. Out!" she shouted and began fighting the Suicidals.

I frowned and stuck my tongue out at her before joining the fight. Jane joined at some point and we eventually finished off the last of them. Sola had a few cuts and bruises, the worst being an ugly black bruise that covered her right eye and cheekbone, but was otherwise unharmed. Jane had a small cut above her eye but it wasn't anything serious.

"Anyone care to explain what just happened?" Ravyn asked and I felt myself glare a little at Mark

The End

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