Ravyn: Suicidals

I was sitting in the loung with May, talking to her, since she seemed to be one of the few people here who wasn't overawed by me. I liked her already.I walked out to get a drink from the kitchen. I had the glass in my hand when I sensed Suicidals. I dropped the glass and ran. When I got to the lounge there were already a couple of people there fighting, but my way got blocked by the vampire Regan.

"Bloody vampires," I snarled as I shoved past. I could smell the blood as well as he could but they didn't seem to realise it was their friend's-their dead friend's-blood."

Bloodlust. Why can't they control themselves?

I knew I was being unfair but I couldn't help it. Vampires always seemed to cause problems, and right now they were causing a big one.

"If you're not going to help- Get. Out!" I yelled at them, and went to fight the Suicidals, ending up next to the demon- Sparx I think. I caught sight of him out the corner of my eye and grudgingly I was impressed. He fought almost as good as I did.

It took a while but we managed to get rid of all the Suicidals.

"Anyone care to explain what just happened?" I asked.

The End

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