Sparx: Going In!

I soon gave up trying to help Jane with May's corpse, she was easily strong enough to keep a grip on her and I really didn't care about dead bodies. It was the affairs of a live one that were on my mind.

The live body being my body of course.

Besides, I had a lot of pent-up stress. Stress that could be put to great usage in tearing Suicidals apart.

Step aside people, Sparx is coming in!

With a manic laugh that made me sound clinically insane, I leapt into the fray and started wreaking havoc. Claws, teeth, tail and wings, all were used to do as much damage to any Suicidal (or at least I hope that's what they were called) that came too close.

"Come here ya scumbags!" I called, laugh-shrieking as I rammed a talon through a Suicidal's chest cavity, "Come and have a go at me! I promise not to break all your limbs, I swear!"

Despite the stink of blood that was starting to infest my nostrils, and the horrific screeching of both enemies and the other hunters alike, I was actually having a good time...

I was too infatuated with killing to worry for my sanity.

The End

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