Jane: Blood

I turned and saw may on the floor. "Mark, Tallie" I shout as I grab Regan by the waist.

His eyes are red and he's trying to fight it but he can't.

"Regan, even though she's dead you need to have respect" I shout using all my strength to keep him back.

"I'm trying" He whispers. I notice Mark having the same problem. He smells the blood and can just resit it enough to hold back Tallie whose scraching at him crazily. Sparx runs over to help me and the others go to help Mark whose having a harder time as Tallie squirms.

"Sola get May's body out of this room or they'll rip it to shreds" I shout. She nods and does what I say.

Uhh, so much for a slight peacefulness.

The End

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