Mark: Her First Fight.

There was a loud knock on the huge oak doors.

"Let us in, or we're coming in!" A croaky voice xclaimed. I swiftly glided to the door, and opened it to find hundreds of Suicidals standing at the doorway angrily.

"Oh shi-" I didn't have time to finish; they'd pounced on me, and got me to the ground. I groaned,

"Mark?" Tallie exclaimed, and then she obviously caught the scent of the Suicidals, because her soft expression became angrier that I'd ever seen it before.

"Where are they?" She growled,

"Lounge, I think." I replied, getting up. We ran to the lounge, and saw the SUicidals holding May by the throat. I jumped at the Suicidal, and tore off his head, as Tallie went to fight all the others. I looked around to see that the rest of the Hunter Hotel was there, fighting. I killed about fifty, before I turned around, and saw May on the floor. She was obviously dead.

The End

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