Sparx: Pointless Romantics

After Sola stormed off, I flew back to the Hotel. I'd had more than enough excitement for one night, and got about as many bruises as I could cope with into the bargain. So now all I wanted was a comfortable place to snooze and a bit of peace and quiet.

Did I get it? Hell no.

The moment I dragged myself through the front door,  I was greeted with a barrage of noise. The elf appeared to be curious as to what sort of nutcases she'd wound up with, and Mark appeared to be doing his best to fill her in. Regan had just gone upstairs with a cat (presumably Jane) in his arms and Mark himself had his arms around his newly leech-ified girlfriend.

Spare me the romantics, please.

With a bored yawn, I perched on the arm of the sofa, half-closing my eyes until only a slit of crimson could be seen beneath my eyelids. I'd wait it out until the talking was done and then, hopefully, get some sleep.

Provided no-one bothered me, I would be fine. Like that would ever happen.

The End

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