Jane: Uhh, can't be bothered

"Uhh, can't be bothered" I say walking over to the coach and falling on to it. I'm tired to the bone and who cares about a new weird being coming to the hotle.

"Your a shapeshifter" th elf says looking at me shocked. "An true immortal one at that"

"What about it?" I say opening me eyes to look at her. "I'm tired and confused so leave me allown"

I then turn into a kittne and curl up in a ball to sleep. "That's just cute" I hear Tallie whisper.

I growl slightly and hiss before trying again to sleep.

"Well that's new?" I hear Regan's voice say as he walks into a hotel.

"How many vampires are here?" the elf says annoyed.

"Was two now three?" Mark says and I swear at that moment he put an arm round Tallie.

I can't help but laugh. I feel myself being picked up and I open an eye to see Regan.

"I'll take sleepy here to her room" he says holding me gently in his arms. I yawn and strech.

"Sleep, jane" he whispers storking my fur lightly.

The End

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