Jane: He love..... me

My heart was racing in my chest as my paws hit the forest ground hard. I was in the form of a wolf and I was trying to work out all the confusion in my head.

He loves.... me. Not my blood...... me.

Uhh, this takes everything to a whole new level. When we were last together evrything was simple we were only slightly in love. I gave him my blood he protected me.

A sort of deal with a slice of emotions involved. But now........

I stopped and shoke my wolf head. My heart's still racing and I don't know weather it will stop soon or not. My black fur is all standing on edge with anticipation, which is making me look like a black puff ball.

I sigh and turn back to a humn falling to the forest floor. I hear a twig crack and take off back to the hotel changing to a chettah on my way.

Of coarse when I reach the porch I change back to a human. But what I find real shocking is everyone standing round a elf.

The End

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